About Us

Over the years, Vickie and our staff have had the honor of creating special occasion and fantasy desserts for many celebrities not only in Las Vegas but at several of our other locations around the country. Some of our satisfied clientele include the following companies and individuals:

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Shirley Temple Black
Ernest Bourgnine
Allen Funt
Suzanne Sommers
Clint Eastwood
Mere Winningham
Sandra Locke
Joan Fontaine
Jimmy Doolittle
Lee Iacocca
Bectel Corporation
Caspar Weinberger
Jesse Jackson
William Pennington
(fmr. CEO Circus, Circus, Ent.)
Dan Marino
Phil Simms
Deion Sanders
Jim Nance and Sean McManus (CBS NFL PreGame Show)
Vic Damone
Captain and Tenille
Whoopie Goldberg
Lou McMahan
(McMahan Furniture)
Don Caranno
(Ferrari-Caranno Wines)
John Ascugua, Sr.
(John Ascugua’s Nugget Hotel and Casino)
Louis Martini
(Martini Vineyards)
Leonard Firestone
(Firestone Tires)
Singer Corporation
Tri-Star Productions

And Thousands of Stylish Brides and Grooms from all over the World!